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Spyware are malicious software, which resides on computers to spy and steal information. Spyware are designed to intrude and transmit information like user name and passwords, banking information, and credit card credentials. This information is transmitted via Internet to their creators who use it for malicious purposes. Spyware are often installed via the web through malicious website. It is advised to refrain from such websites and not download any content from them.

Antispyware software helps detect and remove spyware from your computers. They also protect the system from future threats and intrusions. However, these Antispyware applications should be installed only in the presence of certified and experienced technicians because sometimes they can behave strange and doesn't work properly.

Services Features

  • Installation of recommended antispyware program
  • Updating the antispyware with latest updates
  • Creating restore points before scanning
  • Cleaning junks and other infected files manually
  • Scanning the computer to remove spyware and malicious infections

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